The Power of Social Media

I am so grateful to have so many wonderful people that are as excited about crate your phone as I am!

This is a post from one of my most recent customers. Of course my goal is for us to use crate your phone to spend more quality time together. But I do realize that technology plays a huge role in our lives and social media can also be a very powerful tool, especially for small business like me. Literally, one post can dramatically change my business.

A couple months ago, Simon Sinek posted the crate your phone that I had sent him on Instagram and Facebook talking about how much he loved the idea. Within a few hours I had over 75 orders! Last week, a friend of mine got her crate your phone and posted this right away. Through this post, one of here friends promptly ordered a crate your phone and also put up a pic with a post about the new social movement to "crate your phone". I have had an influx of orders through my website and on Amazon since these posts. I love this! This is the power of social media and the best way for me to help spread this idea.

If you have a crate your phone and believe in this social movement to get family and friends to put their phone down, then please share your pic and story on social media or on my crate your phone facebook page. And then, as soon as you have done that, crate your phone! Technology is a powerful tool, we just need to learn how to use it and not abuse it. This only takes a few minutes to do and can dramatically change the future of crate your phone.

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