What are your kids doing on their phones? Are they on the yellow app?

Check out this video where Segrid Lewis @digitalparent let's us know about the new yellow app, how it works, and how to keep your kids safe.

On the yellow app, kids can meet and talk just like Tinder. As you will see in the video, there are many young teens on this app that are dressed inappropriately and it is very easy for a predator to make a fake profile and connect with your child. Do you know what your kids are doing on their phones when they are all hanging out together or when they are in their room on their phone? Are they on this app? This is why I think it's important for kids to crate their phone in a living room/kitchen, away from their bedrooms, so they won't be tempted and they can't get into trouble with apps like Yellow. Crating your phone is essential for kids (especially teens) when crazy apps like this come out and start becoming popular.

We use crate your phone at our house as a charging station on the kitchen counter. This way, we know the kids can't be on their phones when they go to bed and it helps us adults get rid of our phones at night as well. I sleep better now not having access to my phone and knowing that my children don't have access to their phones as well.

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