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I recently had the opportunity to speak on 2 podcasts- Broadscast and Digital Parent. Both wanted to interview me about crate your phone; how it works and why it is a great tool for parents.

On the Broadscast podcast we focused on using Crate Your Phone with your kids and having restrictions when it comes to phones and social media. It's important to help teach our children that it is necessary to put their phones down every once in awhile. In a recent pol taken for common sense media, they found that nearly 80% of teens check their phones hourly and 72% feel the need to respond immediately. On this podcast we talked about the pushback that children might give when asked to crate your phone but that then they actually enjoy spending time being off their phones and it is a relief to have an excuse to put their phone down.

On the Digital Parent podcast we talked a lot about where to use crate your phone in your home and focused more on a device free dinner. We talked about the benefits of using crate your phone to help remind your family to put their devices down for at least a moment to have dinner together and be able to have an actual conversation about one another's day. Many parents are adopting the idea of having a device free dinner at least a few times a week and crate your phone makes it really easy to follow through with this plan.

Crate Your Phone can bring people closer together whether it is with device free dinners or keeping your kids off their phones.

Check out both podcasts-

Broadscast Podcast here

Digital Parent Podcast here

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