Great Tech Contract to Use With Your Kids

My husband and I just got our daughter her first phone. We discussed with her that we have limits and restrictions with her new device. We wanted her to know the right reasons to use her phone-not just for social media etc. I found a great tech contract to use on and we love it because it puts restrictions on her phone usage and encourages her to use her phone for the right reasons at the right times.

Here is a copy of the tech contract that you can download and use:

Dear (Child's Name)- Congratulations! You are in possession of a powerful piece of technology. With this great privilege comes great responsibility. Your devices have the potential to do great good. They also have the power to cause great harm, not only to yourself but to others. As a tech user in the (Last Name) house, you agree to the following: 1. Technology is used under the supervision of your parent. Other than homework and reading, you must ask permission to use your phone. 2. Technology must be used in a public place, like the living room or kitchen, not in bedrooms or behind closed doors. If you need a quiet place, we will discuss. 3. All apps must be approved. 4. We will always know your passwords and follow you on all social media sites. 5. We will be able to read your texts and conversations at any time. 6. Technology is put away and o your body at meal times. 7. When you begin driving you will never ever text or talk while driving. 8. Never post anything online that could be hurtful or harmful to another human being. 9. Never search for or post anything that you would be embarrassed for your parents see. While on-line, imagine us standing next to you! If someone shows you pornography, FLEE. 10. At 8 p.m. phones are to be turned in. 11. At night, before bed, phones are to be plugged in at charging station away from your bedroom. 12. When riding in the car with friends or other adults, use devices appropriately. Have conversations. 13. When using technology, and another person enters the room, close your device and acknowledge the person (it is also polite to stand up in certain situations). 14. Download and listen to music that is uplifting. Ask: How does this make me feel? 15. If you break your device (it will happen) you are responsible for the replacement. 16. If you break one of these rules, your devices will be taken away for a period of time. They will be returned to you when your parents deem it appropriate. 17. There will be times when we ask you to put your technology away for an extended period of time. Taking breaks are good for your brain! Crate your phone!! Remember that these rules have been put in place because we love you. Love, Mom and Dad Signed: Signed: (Date)

Or go to for her tech contract and other great mommy tips.

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