Our New Commercial

This is our latest and greatest project and I think it turned out amazing. We have been working hard to get this idea out into the public. Now we are selling lots of crates and the social movement seems to be taking off. I don't have a team of employees that helped me get here. I am doing this on my own. But what I do have is a team of amazing friends and my family that have used their skills to help facilitate and promote my idea. My husband Ben for his keen business skills. He always helps me see the bottom line and helps keep costs down so we can continue to promote this movement. My best friend JP who is a PR superstar. Him and his team at MWW helped get my product into Good Housekeeping, which was the holiday boost we needed to really get the idea out into the public eye. My two girls for putting up with a ton of boxes full of crates in our garage, which used to be their play area. The talented Madi Marks for directing and editing this commercial. She is only a freshman in high school and already doing amazing things. The stars of the commercial; Amber and her son Phoenix, Jilema, Ben, my youngest daughter Brooklyn, my niece Sophia, and Madi's sister Jaden. They all did a great job and thankful they were willing to take time out of their Sunday to help us film this commercial. Also, the narrators; Sydney, and my sister-in-law- Jasmine which will be used for the shorter version to air on TV we hope!! My friends and family have been so supportive and they are always there. Whether I need help shipping, storing, or just bouncing off ideas, they are willing to lend a hand. I couldn't do all this without the support and belief from these fine people.

Many thanks to common sense media for giving me the chance to shine at their fundraiser event in Los Angeles in November. They put a crate your phone on every table. We got a lot of exposure in front of some very influential people and everyone was very excited about the product and the idea. Then, in a twist of fate, one of the women from common sense, Jennie O'Hagan, talked about crate your phone on Jill Simonian's Fab mom facebook page post. Jill thought it was such a great idea that she talked about it the next day on the CBS LA morning news and claimed it is "the latest and BEST holiday tradition" These simple promotions are helping give this movement some momentum. I am so thankful to have the support of these influential people on my side.

I have worked countless hours and many late nights to get this movement started. My husband and I have taken a financial risk because we believe in this idea and our product. Now I am shipping crates out all over the country and getting such meaningful messages from my customers who are also so excited about the idea and love the product! It is so heartwarming to see this idea come to life! To hear the stories of people using crate your phone and spending quality time with family and friend is what it is all about. I can't be more thankful this holiday season.

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