We did it!! Our crate your phone was on fourty tables at an amazing fundraiser luncheon put on by Common Sense Media. The reactions were very positive. People were excited about our product and there was a lucky winner at every table that got to take home a crate your phone filled with lots of art supplies and goodies.

The luncheon consisted of a very interesting panel discussion titled: "What is the New Normal? Relationships in a Digital Age". The panelists included: Jim Steyer, Founder and CEO, Common Sense; Dee Dee Myers Executive Vice President, Worldwide Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Warner Bros. Entertainment; and Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer, Hearst Magazines. The discussion was moderated by Willow Bay, Director, USC Annenberg School of Journalism. I had the opportunity to meet Willow Bay after the discussion and I gave her a crate your phone to replace the red basket that she talked about using in her own home. That was very exciting and she loved it.

The panelists discussed the recent study done by common sense about parents dealing with technology and the many changes in all kinds of relationships because of technology. Common Sense is a huge advocate of getting people to take time away from their phones and this was actually the main topic of discussion from the panel today. Common Sense Media has a device free dinner campaign and crate your phone makes a perfect partnership to help spread this social movement to crate your phone and be present with one another. They agreed that our children are slowly losing the ability to have one on one conversations with people. Our children are forgetting what it is like to just play outside for an afternoon because they are glued to their devices. The solution is to not only crate your phone during dinner, but for play dates, sleepovers, etc.

Common Sense Media is a wonderful resource for parents. They not only give advice on how to deal with technology but they offer unbiased opinions on movies, books, and apps for children. Common Sense Media fights tirelessly for children's success and education. I was so honored and thankful to be a part of this event. What an amazing group of people. Being a part of this discussion today got me so excited to keep pushing forward with my idea to crate your phone and be present with one another. I think using the term. "crate your phone" and having the crate in your home is a step forward in helping to teach our children the importance of good old fashioned human interaction.

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