Why do we feel the need to check texts while driving?

Recently, one of my customers told me that they use their crate in the passenger seat to hold their phone and other devices like an iPad or kindle while driving. I thought this was interesting because I recently read an article talking about the reason people feel the need to check their phone when driving. Basically, it has become such a habit that we can't stand to go too long without the connection of the phone and when we hear that ping from a text message, the addiction takes over and we feel compelled to check the text and/or respond. This theory is from the research conducted by Dr. David Greenfield, PhD and founder of The Center of Internet and Technology Addiction. In this video, he explains the science behind why we feel the need to look at our cell phones while driving.


Yes, I have been brainstorming an idea for a crate your phone for the car. But I think using the crate your phone in different situations with family and friends will be a healthy habit to get into. Maybe then we will be a little more used to being disconnected and that pull to answer your text when driving won't be so strong the next time.

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