The birth of "Crate Your Phone"...

Back in January my lovely wife Sheri came up with an idea to take a wood crate from Joannes and turn it into the original "crate your phone". That process was fun and exciting. First we stained the crate, then we had a stencil cut out of a vinyl sticker and Sheri would carefully paint the letters onto the crate. The whole process with dry time took about a week and voila, the first crate your phone was complete.

Our family has a great time right before dinner telling our two daughters Bella and Brooklyn to "Crate your phone". Since it worked so well for us Sheri decided to make a couple more crates to give to family and friends as gifts. From there the "crate your phone" mantra began to spread and pick up steam. Thirty crates later we decided that this process needed to be done quicker and more efficiently than both of us painting and staining the crates.

Crate your Phone moved into mass production in March of 2016. 2 months later today, May 27th 2016 our 1,000 Crate Your Phones are arriving at our doorstep!!!!

We are excited to get this Social Movement started and share what we have used and loved for months with the rest of the world.

It is time to Be Present with the ones you love. It is time to "Crate Your Phone"

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