5 out of 5 stars--Thank you for this great tool to increase engagement and relational capacity


We have experienced a higher rate of engagement and focus since we started using these crates as a check in at the start of meetings. We are also noticing that our team is engaging on a more personal level before meetings start and on breaks. Thank you for this great tool to increase engagement and relational capacity!

Sarah W.

City of Wyoming, MI

I purchased my crate a few weeks ago from my beautiful friend Sheri. I brought it home and shared the concept with my teenage son. As all teenagers do, he thought we'd never use it. A few days later he requested family movie night. Within a few minutes, he was texting on his phone. I placed the crate on the coffee table, put mine in it and he did the same. No questions asked. I think it made him realize that our family was more important to him that the text messages he was receiving. Everyone that mattered to him was already in the room. Thank you Sheri  for creating something that is not only beautiful, but also reminds us to connect with the ones we love.

Copy Of -Cheryl H.


This is a fantastic idea and a must buy for all families!! We put ours on the dining room table and all our kids have to put their electronics in it before every meal. Then we can engage in great conversation, imagine that?! It has really brought our family closer together without all the distractions our phones bring. We love Crate Your Phone!!

Alia M.


One of my best purchases ever!! You can tell your kids forever to put their phones away, but having the crate makes it much more symbolic. It turns out even teenagers appreciate a good meaningful family dinner conversation and that is what crating your phone stands for. We keep an ivy plant in ours when it's not holding our phones - it looks great!

Norman V.


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